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Environmental History

I recently read the book ‘Floating Coast: an environmental history of the Bering Strait’ by Bathsheba Demuth.(ISBN: 978-0-393-35832-2) It is a remarkable piece of writing about the whaling industry in and around the Bering Strait whose geography is that of its first peoples and in more recent times also that of American and Russian territoriesContinue reading “Environmental History”


I recently read an article about Serenella Iovino who is an Italian academic involved in ‘Ecocriticism’. This is an approach that looks at literature to find out how the relationships between human and non-human beings are portrayed and which also hopes to raise our consciousness of how we are part of nature. She also saysContinue reading “Ecocriticism”

Climate change and mental health

The climate emergency is already impacting lives around the World. This in turn is affecting mental health which was the topic of a recent excellent broadcast on the BBC World Service programme ‘The climate question’. The particular episode being entitled “How is climate change affecting our mental health?” There was a great range of voicesContinue reading “Climate change and mental health”

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